Daddy's Pride

  • Father's Day Recap

    Yesterday my wife and son treated me to a great father's day brunch. They must think I'm an awesome daddy. They made sunny side up eggs with tons of lobster, spicy guacamole, salsa, crème fraiche, and a pop over with honey butter. To top it off, we had mimosas in fancy goblets. I was very impressed. Once I have a wonderful brunch, I'm good for the day and can't ask for more. However, there was more! During the afternoon, we did not do any work. We just sat in our yard for a couple of hours, played with our son, and watched shows via computer. It was relaxing. Later in the evening, we went out for dinner and spent time with extended family. I really enjoyed father's day, and I hope all of you were treated with love and appreciation. I know I was.

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