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  • Flying Part 1

    Recently, our 7 month old son experienced flying on a plane for the first time and I have to admit, he did a wonderful job. I think he loves going on vacation just like his parents. I say this because he woke up early, had his bags all packed up, and had his bottle, blanket, and toy in his arms. He was ready to go. On the plane, he found everything new and fascinating. He was stimulated. He enjoyed playing with the fold up tray as he was able to move it up and down. He was entertained by looking out the window and at the other passengers. Last, he loved being in our arms the whole time. We were very impressed with him on how he handled his first flight experience.

    Before we actually took our son on the plane, we researched how to travel with an infant. We found out that it was best to feed the baby while taking off from the runway so his ears won't ache. It made sense. It's kind of like eating candy or chewing gum for us adults. Well, it worked like a charm. Our son had no problems traveling at a high altitude. Also, I think we are lucky that our son enjoys looking at people, and does not mind being surrounded with unknown faces, as long as he's with us.

    Coming back home was a whole different story. Our son was not a happy camper. We realized the difference between our outbound and inbound flight experience was more on the lines of scheduling and timing prior to our flight. While coming back home, everything was slightly off. We found ourselves rushing here and there which created a snowball effect. Our son did not have a chance to nap or eat properly. So, from the time we boarded the plan and were in the air, our son was cranky. Having a child that is not happy is an uncomfortable feeling both mentally and physically. I felt that we were disturbing the rest of the passengers, and having to hold our son made me extremely hot. The only luck we had on our flight back home was that our neighbor understood the situation. She did not flinch once when our son voiced his opinion. She had four children, and probably thought to herself…"been there, done that".

    This was our first trip on a plane with the little one, and we had the opportunity to experience both the good side and not so good side of flying with an infant. Overall, I think it was a success.

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