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  • Flying Part 2

    Yesterday, I blogged about our recent experience flying with our 7 month old son. Today, I would like to share with you the other side of my travel experience. But before I do that, let me briefly recap how I traveled prior to my son's arrival. Whenever I need to fly I do my best to make it a simple process. This means I take the bare essentials and carry as little as possible. Hopefully my son will learn from my craziness. When I get to the airport my goal is to check in, and hand over my suitcase. All I wish to carry is my wallet, identification, phone, and ticket. I choose not to bring a carry on bag in case it gets lost, misplaced, or stolen, but more importantly I don't want to drag it around. All I want to do is wander through the airport while drinking my coffee, converse with my wife, and have no responsibility. I'm on vacation, and I like it to start the minute I leave the house.

    I always make sure I get to my gate ahead of schedule so I can be stress free. As many of us know, to get there you have to go through security. So, to make this an easy process, I do my best to wear the minimum amount of clothes. Items such as a jacket, sweatshirt, watch, and belt are either left at home or in my suitcase. Also, since I generally love wearing flip flops, it makes perfect sense to wear them while going through security. I can quickly take them off and put them back on. This is how I used to travel.

    Now that we have a son, my recent travel experience was unique and kind of intense. The days of not carrying anything while browsing the airport are probably over. First, I had a carry on book bag to hold our gadgets; camera, video camera, and computer. As new parents, we want to capture every moment. Second, we now had a stroller that requires to be folded and unfolded many times during our trip. This also means we had to take our son in and out of his vehicle, including his toys and blanket. Third, while going through security, we need to have the stroller, diaper bag, one carry on bag, purse, and computer x-rayed. Last, we now had to show our son's passport and ticket, which means us parents have to be a little bit more responsible in not losing his stuff. After all this, we still needed to feed and change our son, and board the plane.

    Traveling with the little one is a tough job, but it can be tons of fun. For me, getting to the airport in advance and just laughing about all the changes I needed to make while traveling is the key to being stress free. I am looking forward to the next vacation.

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