Daddy's Pride

  • Trying to Stand

    Our little man tries to stand everywhere, even though he has yet to master crawling. I think his plan is to skip the crawling process. Whenever we put him down, his goal is to find something to help him stand. He will kind of crawl to the nearest sofa, table, wall, or chair, and lift himself up. His arms and legs are pretty strong, so he can do this easily. It's a lot of fun to watch. Not only do you get to see his transition from sitting to standing, but you can get a glimpse of his personality. Our son seems to be a determined young man. Every time he falls he quickly gets back up and tries again. And when he finally gets to a standing position he's so happy. You would think he just climbed Mt. Everest. Also, he seems to be a risk taker or a calculated risk taker. Sometimes, when the sofa is not within his reach he will lunge to the seat cushion and hold on for dear life. He will then get his feet underneath him to balance himself. Of course all he had to do was take an extra step, and he would not have to lunge, but this is how he rolls. He takes risks. I guess any type of bouldering requires not being afraid of taking risks. Seeing him go through this process is wonderful. Sooner than we know it he will be walking and running everywhere in the house.

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