Daddy's Pride

  • Wonderful Experience

    I love hanging out with my son. I find him entertaining and fun, and hopefully, he thinks I'm pretty cool too. When we are together you can see the excitement when he discovers stuff whether it's a rug pattern, a sweatshirt zipper, or a light switch that goes up and down, and turns the light on and off. He's curious about everything, and it's enjoyable to watch him touch and many times taste these tangible objects. The second best part of being with my best friend is that he has helped me appreciate the small things and slow down. I get to just live in the moment, and give my son undivided attention. I get to share with my son whatever I know about everyday things like utensils, clothes, etc. I also get to rediscover things like how nice it is to look at the trees that surround our house. Being part of his explorations and learning is an amazing gift and a wonderful experience.

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