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    My wife and I take pictures of our son all the time via digital camera and smart phone. We have thousands of images of him that are stored away on the hard drive. However, I have yet to make the full leap in using a video camera to film our son's special moments. For some strange reason, trying to film our son has been a real challenge. It's not because he doesn't want sit still or anything. It's a simple matter of just using the video camera. This challenge, which I plan to beat in the near future, actually started 8+ months ago.

    First, we had planned to buy our video camera before our son was born. Well, that did not happen. It should have, but unfortunately it was not meant to be. I started looking into cameras after he was born. I researched video cameras for a few weeks even though it's pretty basic. I googled the camera's price, lighting, weight, whether it has a flash drive or moving parts, and who builds the best camera. Around the 6 week mark of our son's birth, my wife and I decided to go to Best Buy and see what they had in stock. This was around Christmas time. We found a camera that met our requirements, however it was not available. The salesman recommended buying the video camera at another location which was about an hour away. We never got around to do this because we were kind of busy being new parents. A couple of months go by and we still have yet to buy our video camera, but we did use our digital camera's video feature to capture some footage. I know it's not the same, but I guess something is better than nothing. We did manage to go back to Best Buy, but we faced the same problem about their lack of inventory. I tried to buy it online, however the camera I wanted was only available at retail stores. Again, I was told to go to the store that was an hour away. Now I began to question the camera I wanted to purchase. Am I trying to buy a camera that has a high demand or a camera that they want to stop producing. So, I do more research. Finally, around my son's 5 month old birthday we purchased a video camera. We did not buy the one we wanted, but we were kind of lucky in that regards. They stopped producing it. We bought something, and that's all that mattered.

    I would love to say we have footage that can last months to watch. However, I would be lying. For the past three months our camera has sat on the shelf. So, as of this week, I will start filming. I need to capture our son crawling because sooner than we know it, he will be walking and think that crawling is for babies. I plan on using our video camera at least once a week. A few 30 second clips here and there. I think my goal is reasonable because it's doable and I simply don't see myself filming hours of footage. Let's see how it goes.

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