Daddy's Pride

  • Getting Heavy

    My wife says to me, "here, it's your turn", as she hands over my son. As I take him, I can only think that I just had him 5 minutes ago. I love carrying the little guy, but man he's getting heavy. He just hit the 20lb mark. Add that to the amount of energy he has, and you have the best workout machine to build strength. I'm not joking. On a daily basis, our son has strengthened our arms and back. Whenever we go for our 1 mile walk, we purposely carry him to add some resistance. Of course he enjoys it because he gets to be held up in the air. We have not used our son for doing squats or abs, but according to youtube, people actually do take it to the next level. So, to my son, thank you for making mommy and daddy watch their weight, and reminding us that we need to keep on carrying you to make sure that we have enough strength when you double your weight.

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