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  • The Salt Lick

    It is no secret that my wife and I are fans of eating out. We love trying new restaurants and unique dishes from all over the country and the world. We enjoy watching the food network and try to visit many of the restaurants we see featured at different destinations. We often categorized restaurants by their interesting atmosphere, unique dishes, and tantalizing visual presentations. However, since our son's birth, we recently started categorizing restaurants as "kid friendly vs. kid not-so-friendly". Fancy steak houses with white table cloths...not-so kid friendly. Restaurants with picnic tables and plastic silverware...kid heaven and easy place for parents to relax without worrying about disturbing other guests. Recently we visited one of these kid friendly restaurants. It was called the The Salt Lick, a BBQ restaurant near Austin, Texas, and it was amazing. We ate bbq pork ribs, sausages, turkey, and brisket, along with coleslaw, and beans. Also, our 8 month old son tried the food and loved it. He couldn't get enough of the smokey bbq taste. So, if you are near Austin, we highly recommend it.

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