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  • Showering

    Over the past 9 months giving our son a bath/shower has been fun and very interesting. In the beginning it was a challenge because we were new parents, and did not want to hurt the little guy. However, in retrospect, it was fairly easy because he did not move. Our son was not fighting us or trying to grab stuff around him. Therefore, we had complete control. We were able to position him however we liked, and wash him with ease. Also, he was taking a bath in the baby tub that fits in the sink which made it very simple. My wife and I were able to stand together and clean him.

    Sooner than we knew it, our son started to move in the baby tub. He wanted to roll around, and use his arms and legs. He wanted to eat his soapy hands and splash the water with his feet. Also, he physically became bigger which means he can touch stuff like our toothbrushes. During this time, my wife and I tried to teach him the meaning of the word "No".

    Around our son's 7 month birthday we introduced him to our bathtub. This was fun because either my wife or I would jump in the tub with him to make sure he does not tip over while sitting. So while one of us is holding the little guy, the other one does the cleaning.

    Now our son actually plays with his waterproof toys and can sit by himself. However, he tries to stand, and touches stuff like the faucet. Hopefully, in a few months from now he will realize that standing in the bathtub is overrated.

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