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  • Olympics

    As the 2012 Summer Olympic games came to a close last night, my wife and I could not help wondering if our son will like playing sports or dream of being part of a future Olympics. What sports will he have natural talents for and what sports will ignite his passion? As we watched the games over the last couple of weeks, he seemed to be drawn to the television when we were watching water sports, soccer,  basketball, and equestrian events. He was less interested in the track and field events and gymnastics. We wonder if he will like individual sports or team sports. As of now, we proud parents think he is a natural water baby, has herculean strength when it comes to lifting things compared to his size, and could possibly make a world record for speed crawling. We hope to give him exposure to all the different sports, so he can find out what he likes and even if he likes sports at all. I guess in time, he will tell us what he likes, and we will enjoy supporting him in his interests.

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