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  • If Only The World Could Be A Padded Playground

    So my son is trying to make the transition from crawling to walking. He actually thinks he can walk which leads him to constantly fall. He thinks he can defy gravity and float from different pieces of furniture in the room. He seems to be oblivious to the hard, dangerous surfaces around him. My wife and I are on 24 hour watch trying to ensure our precious little one stays in one piece. Sometimes he falls or bumps into something and then just goes about his business. Other times, he gives out the most heart wrenching scream that you worry "he really did something to himself this time". However, I have started to think the screams only come after my son sees our worried faces. It appears as if he gets upset because we are upset and not because he hurt himself. So I told my wife we need to adopt a new strategy... Keep a close watch on the little one, but maintain a poker face when he falls...even pretend to be doing something else when he falls. Let's see if minimizing our reaction to his falls eliminates those dramatic screams. I guess we can't make the world a padded playground and I am sure he would hate us if we made him wear a helmet and padded outfit all day. I guess falls, bumps, bruises, scrapes, and tears are all part of raising a healthy, happy, energetic baby.

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