Daddy's Pride

  • UglyDoll

    ImageI love UglyDoll. When I first came across UglyDoll, I thought to myself, why would someone buy this? Yes it's soft and colorful, but it really is pretty ugly. What so special about UglyDoll? As I kept looking at these weird characters, I realized that the toys are meant to look different, but what message is the company trying to say. Later that day I did some research on UglyDoll, and according to the brand, they say the word "ugly" means unique, and "ugly" is the new beautiful. They believe we should celebrate who we are on the inside and out. To me this positive message is so nice, and right on point in the way I would like to raise my son. When I showed my son UglyDoll, he went bananas. I think it is safe to say that we both will enjoy the doll.

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