Daddy's Pride

  • Balance

    Hanging out with my son is pretty awesome. I guess it's because he's not that complicated. I believe that all he really wants to do is have fun and perhaps learn something. So, everyday I try to make sure this happens. When I hang out with him, I make sure he gets to be a kid, and use his brain. Down in the basement I chase after him on all fours, and he does vice versa. Little does my son know it, he has been playing tag. It's a lot of fun. I love watching him laugh, crawl away, and search for me. When we are all tired out, I try to get him to just sit next to me, and relax. This is when I try to get him to look through children books. Hopefully, his brain is stimulated by seeing all the colors and illustrations, and hearing the stories. This is what I try to do, and perhaps he will learn to be a well balanced individual who knows when to play and learn.

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