Daddy's Pride

  • No More Rocking

    A long time ago I mentioned how wonderful it was to have a rocking chair. Either the wife or I would sit on it holding our newborn rocking back and forth. It really helped us put the little guy to sleep. Nowadays, the rocking chair is still there, however it seems we use it more as a place to put stuff. You see, our son would rather play with the chair, and inspect the wood than be rocked to sleep. Also, now that our son is learning to walk, he uses the chair to help him get on his feet. So, the rocking chair has now become dangerous. It can easily crush our son's fingers and toes, as well as hurt his noggin. I plan to remove the rocking chair this week, but I should have removed it ages ago. Our rocking chair has basically become a Christmas tree that should have been taken down in the first week of January, not the end of February.

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