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  • Escape Artist

    A long time ago when our son started crawling and walking, we redecorated our living room. We positioned our coach, ottoman, playpen, pillows, blankets, stuffed animals, etc. in a circle. I wish our new arrangement has something to do with being artistic and creative, however that's not the case. Our little explorer keeps wandering towards fun stuff like the television set, stairs, and tables with sharp edges. This method of containing our son has been working to keep our son out of harms way. He has plenty of space to run around and play with his toys while we can do our own work, cook, clean, etc. However, like most things in life, it never lasts forever. Recently, our fearless son has decided he plans to be an escape artist. He tries to boulder the coach and ottoman, or squeeze through small spaces. He uses all his energy to tackle these obstacles. I find it fun to watch because I feel like I am watching a sporting event. I always want to see a record breaking or an underdog winning, but at the end I want to see a victor and their accomplishment. So I am rooting for my son to break free from the organic cage we created. I just need to make sure he does not fall while climbing or get stuck in small spaces.

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