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    Last weekend we went to a block party. It was fun. We had a chance to talk to our neighbors and meet a couple of new residents. One of the conversation topics I was a part of involved children being fussy eaters. Few of the parents were saying that trying to get their kids to eat vegetables is impossible. While listening to this I thought to myself how lucky am I to have a son that eats everything, especially the food on my plate. The little man also has a little temper when we don't share our food. So, I was pretty happy...... until they said their children ate everything too at one point. Once their kids turned 2 years old that's when all the fussing began. I couldn't believe it. Here I am being all happy when in about a year from now we will begin hiding vegetables in his food. I guess we have some time to figure out how to make his veggies tasty.

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