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    A couple of weeks ago our son transitioned to the car seat you see above. He now has a clear view of the road, and is officially a backseat driver. He watches every move I make. I now have to be extra careful to not making any mistakes while driving because he might just go and tell mommy. :) Also, studies say that kids at his age begin to imitate their parents. I know he has many years until he starts driving, but I better start being more disciplined to having both hands on the wheel.

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    • 16sedici16 says...

      Thanks so much :)

      On November 09, 2012

    • 16sedici16 says...

      What car seat did you get? What would you recommend for a 1st time mom to buy? There’s so much information and varying reviews that I’m overwhelmed!

      On November 07, 2012

    • Rohan Creations says...


      You have many options, but we went with Graco. I cannot say that Graco is better than the other companies. Regardless, you need to buy 2 types of baby car seats.

      1. Rear facing car seat for infants under 20lbs. This seat should last you from 9-12 months.
      2. Forward facing car seat for when your baby is over 20lbs+ and can accommodate his/her weight and height. This bigger car seat is intended for the child to sit in it for a few years. Also, the version that we bought includes a booster seat for when our child is older. Since our child is young, I don’t have an opinion on the booster seat.

      So far we like the baby seats we purchased. They might be a little pricey, but I think it’s worth it.

      Don’t be overwhelmed, just take your time. However, I recommend you sort this out a few months before you deliver. Also, go to the local police station to have them install the seats for free. It will give you some piece of mind. You will love being a mommy, just try to get all the details out of the way so you can have fun with your future baby.



      On November 09, 2012

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