Daddy's Pride

  • Merry-Go-Round

    This past weekend our little dare-devil got to ride on a carousel (merry-go-round) for the very first time. In the beginning he was very reluctant and did not want to ride the ceramic horse. Even though I securely strapped him into the saddle, and stood next to him, he simply looked nervous and wanted to get off the ride. I thought about taking him out, however by the time I finished thinking, I was too late. We started moving. So, I stood there, and my goal was now to make sure that my son does not fall off the horse, and pray that he does not cry. Ten seconds had past, and my son was now having the time of his life. His expression went from almost crying to smiling from ear to ear. Seeing our son so happy made our day. Who ever invented this ride was a genius.

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