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    Happy Valentine’s Day! To begin celebrating the day, I took my wife and son out for breakfast. We were enjoying our time together, when a bubbly little girl came over to our son and said “hi”. Our son who had previously been babbling and making a raucous was stunned into silence. He stared at the little girl with her sparkly purple Disney princess t-shirt in awe as she introduced herself to us and told us she was 4. She went on to explain in great excitement that she was going to turn 5 soon, and her parents were going to throw her a big monster party in a haunted house. My son continued to stare with curiosity as she invited him to the party and tried to convince him how fun it would be. And then as suddenly as she appeared at our table, she was gone, skipping out of the restaurant with her parents. It was at this precise moment, when the girl was just out of sight, that my son decided to raise his hand and say “hi” with enthusiasm. Poor little man was a little too late with his greeting. I guess I will have to teach him to be bold when a friendly girl approaches him… But just not too bold!

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    • amberperea says...

      Soooo cute! I think the difference between little girls and boys is quite fascinating. A few weeks ago a little girl was trying to hold my son’s hand and he just kept saying, “No!” and pulling away all while looking at me as though he just could not fathom what would posses her to do such an odd thing.

      Ah, kids. ;)

      On February 14, 2013

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