Daddy's Pride

  • Do I Know Him?

    Everyday my son's personality becomes more apparent. He truly has his own personality. So, the other day I decided to take credit on the way my son interacts once he gets up in the morning. He's kind of like me, and it's probably not a good thing. :) You see, when the little man wakes up, he is not that active nor talkative. It takes him some time to fully get out of his sleep. It resembles the way I like my mornings to be...somewhat peaceful and quiet. I told my wife that he is kind of like me..... To this she responded "Well he could be like me since I act like that if I do not get my coffee in the morning." I guess we both want to take credit for his mellow mood in the morning.

    To me trying to really understand the child makes parenting fun, and I think it will help strengthen and build the communication between parent and child for the future. Our son may or may not be like us, but as long as we understand and accept who he is, I think we will have a long lasting relationship.

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