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  • Distraction

    Whenever my son does things that potentially might hurt him, my goal is make sure he stops doing it. For example, yesterday he wanted to play with a tree branch, and bring it back into the house. I told him he should not play with his "new toy", and why it's dangerous. However, he was not buying it. He understood the word "no", but since he's less than 2 years old, it's only natural that he still doesn't understand why I am saying "no". I thought about taking the stick out of his hands, and throwing it away, but I know that means there's a possibility that he might create a scene. And I might feel bad. I am sure some people may think children should probably just listen to parents when they tell them "no", but I'm a big softee. If you saw the way my son is so passionate about playing with sticks, it will melt your heart. You might just find an alternative method in taking the stick from him. So my next course of action was to distract him with a ball, and stealthily take away the stick. The distraction worked like a charm, and fortunately distractions always works. It will probably be my only strategy to get my son to do what I want him to do. :) So, if I had a choice to make my son upset, or distract him, well….I choose the latter. 

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