Daddy's Pride

  • Happy Mother's Day 2013!

    According to my wife, the little man and I did a great job for Mother's Day. First, we let her sleep in until 8am. :) Second, we gave mom a great breakfast. My son and I worked together to brew a fresh pot of coffee. He turned on the coffee maker to grind the beans. Afterwards, I poured the coffee into mugs and added milk and sugar. Later, we made egg white omelets with ham, broccoli, and cheese. The little man did an outstanding job supervising the sous chef, which is me. If it weren't for my son the head chef, the omeletes might have been over cooked. He was on top of his game, and made sure his mommy had the perfect day. Third, the little man called the babysitters (his grandparents) to watch him so his parents can go to an early afternoon movie. The only condition was that we be home in time to watch the NBA playoff game, and have pasta bolognese for dinner.

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