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  • Catnap

    From all the parents that I have met, they all seem to have one common belief. They believe in the cardinal rule of not waking up a sleeping baby. I have no clue what age range this applies to children, perhaps its from newborn to a one year old, or even older. However, as of last night I think all babies and toddlers should be woken up from their mid-day catnap so that they will go to bed on time. Yesterday my son had an extended nap, and as a result he was wide awake around 10:30pm. Since I couldn't force him to sleep, and did not want to stress over something I cannot really control, I just let him play in the living room. Eventually he did get tired, and everything worked out, but at the end of the day I prefer to have him go to bed at a reasonable hour, and skip the cat nap. So, think twice about letting your child sleep longer than they should during the day. :)

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