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  • All This Walking

    My wife and I love to walk. When we lived in the big city we would walk everywhere. Our perception of walking short distances would be about 30 blocks…:) …seriously. Probably weird because we could have taken the subway or taxi anytime, but we enjoyed walking. And during the weekends we would go on these 5 hour non-stop walking journeys up and down the city. It was great to see all the different buildings and crazy people walking the streets. Now that we live in the suburbs we still go on our walks. However, our reasoning goes beyond walking being fun and healthy. We go to encourage our son to enjoy the outdoors. Hopefully, the little man will one day have a natural inclination to go on walks because he saw his parents do it during his youth. And maybe, one day, all this walking will influence him to ask his parents if we want to join him on his walk. :)

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