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  • Evening Class

    Last night I told my soon to be 22 month old son that every night we will do 30 minutes of something educational. Perhaps we will read, count numbers, or do flash cards. He just looked at me, and his eyes told me I was crazy. I told him it will be fun, and he just stared...probably thinking how he can get out of this. Regardless, I still attempted to teach him something. Even if he listens for 1 minute, it will be a success. Plus, it was his first evening class so I have to give him a break. :) Well, as expected every time I took out a flash card and tested him, he would take the card, and put it back in the box. :) No one said teaching a child is easy, but I do know that it should be less difficult when the teacher puts in the hard work, and creates a schedule and routine. Also, it would help if the student is cooperative. Let's see how this goes.

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