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  • Passion for Trains

    My son's passion for trains is unbelievable. He loves being a train conductor, and can go on and on making choo-choo sounds. So, the other day I just let him play until he was "somewhat" done. :) He played for an hour at the toy store while I watched him. This was a win-win situation for us. He gets to have fun, and I get to build up his independence. Oh...also...I stopped myself from looking at my smart phone. facebook, email, fantasy football, etc..., except for photographing the picture above. We were both in the moment enjoying our passion. He gets to play with his trains, and I get to enjoy watching him play.

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    • Jason says...

      You should take your son and come back to the Worthy Burger, as you know the best burgers and lots of train activity on the tracks this week with an engineer ripper tearing up the tracks and other interesting machines!

      On October 20, 2013

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