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  • Love Nascar

    Our son loves cars. He can play with his toy cars all day, and is more than happy to add more cars to his collection. He gets excited seeing real, moving cars on the street, and you can hear him make "Vrrooooommm" sounds. And of course he loves watching animation movies like Cars...repeatedly. :) So, this past weekend, we decided to watch Nascar on television, even though my wife and I never watch this sport. I guess we find it somewhat boring. Hopefully all of you will understand the way we feel about it. It's probably a lot more fun to watch at an actual event than on the tube. for our son, well...the little man loved Nascar. Our little man actually watched all these professional race car drivers compete, and enjoyed seeing them go in circles for a half hour. We couldn't believe that his love for cars will now include watching Nascar. As parents we will need to learn about the rules, terminology, and drivers that compete in the sport. Another thing that parents need to learn especially if they have a future race car driver in the house. :)
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