Daddy's Pride

  • Masterpiece Painting

    The other day my son brought home his first painting, and since my future Monet did this, it will be kept in a scrapbook for many years. :) So, while making some room to keep all of my son's future "stuff", I wondered why I plan on filing this away. Is it because I love my child?...yes. Is it because I want to show him it when he's 18 years old?..yes. But honestly, there's really nothing great about it. I mean...if this was another child's work, I would probably say "what is it?". :) However, my "logical" reasoning for keeping this painting is that he actually did something useful with his time. And many times I value process/journey over the finished product. So, when I think about other parents that keep all these memorable things from a recording of a child's first live performance to a child's first essay, w
    e are all just proud that our children are simply trying and learning. Perhaps, I will go ahead and frame my son's abstract tree. :)
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