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  • New Hampshire Film Festival

    My wife and I are pretty excited to go to the New Hampshire Film Festival this weekend. It will take place in Portsmouth, and we will get a chance to see a few independent films, documentaries, and so forth. The selection they have at the festival will be a great break from the Hollywood movies that we tend to see. We would love to bring our son, but at the moment he's way too young. :( However, one day we will bring him to these type of events. The reason being of course is because it's fun, and us three can bond, but also it will be a learning experience for him. Many of these films tend to bring forth provocative and controversial subject matter which he can think about, and perhaps discuss. He will witness how movies play such an important role in our lives, and how passionate people are towards films. Last, he will get to see where many aspiring film makers, actors, writers, etc, begin their careers or those that want to do something original. So, this weekend will be fun! Now I need to figure out how to make it up to our future movie director. And if you want to see the movie list go to:
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