Daddy's Pride / Baby Bag

  • Baby's Bag

    For those of you that read my blog yesterday, here are few more details. My wife texted me yesterday, and said “Your blog was funny today. What’s even funnier is that the bag is not mine. Its for our baby.” Her bag was the bigger one in the corner that I did not see. So, my wife is packed, my baby is packed, and I guess it is time for me to pack. Since I don’t like carrying extra bags, I will try to sneak in some clothes into the baby’s bag.

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  • Bags Packed

    We have about six weeks until the big day, and my wife has already packed her bags for her stay at the hospital. I think she’s super duper excited! So, the big question is….what do I wear on the big day? This is kind of important since I will be meeting my son for the first time. I should probably be dressed somewhat nice. I don’t want to be in my ripped jeans and sports t-shirt. It would kind of look bad when we take pictures. Also, I don’t want to look too professional because I will simply be uncomfortable. We will be spending anywhere from 12 to 24 hours at the hospital!!! I will keep you all posted.

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