Daddy's Pride / Breakfast

  • Half and Half

    Sometimes when you think you have things all figured out, you quickly realize that you still have a lot to learn. The other day we went out for breakfast, and like always we move all the table items, such as knives, forks, and plates, away from our little monster. The goal is to make sure that all the table stuff is far away from our son's reach so he doesn't break anything or spill anything. We usually do a good job in making sure no one gets messy, however on this day I can't say we were on top of our game. While my wife and I were talking, and setting up the table, our son managed to get a hold of a half and half individual creamer. He started inspecting, playing, and eating his new toy, trying to figure out the object's shape, material, and taste. Very soon, all three of us learned that half and half creamers are not toys. Our monster managed to puncture the creamer and have it explode on all three of us. Luckily, the creamer was mainly on our son's face and shirt, and not ours. :) And while asking for more napkins and cleaning the mess, the little rascal managed to get a hold of a dish, and pretended to play the winter olympic sport curling. He softly pushed the dish and made direct contact with his mom's coffee mug, spilling her daily does of caffeine. On this day our son did not show proper table manners, however we did get a good laugh. I'm also happy to say that once we finally ordered our food we had no more accidents.

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  • Morning Bird

    My son is a morning person just like his mommy and daddy, and maybe even more so. He likes to start his day at 5am with breakfast. Since we are all up, we have taken advantage of this time by making ourselves a hearty breakfast. The best part of the morning is that our son watches us make our eggs, toast, and coffee. He just sits in his chair and watches us in action. Hopefully, we will pass on the that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

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  • Breakfast

    My wife and I have always enjoyed going out for breakfast. We tend to be morning people. Or should I say, my wife becomes a morning person once she has her first cup of coffee. When we first met in college, we used to go play basketball on the weekends and then head to Meeting Street Café, a popular breakfast place in Providence RI. As we made our journey through life we found our favorite local spots for breakfast and brunch in Boston, New York, and now in New Hampshire. Since moving to NH, we often indulge on weekend breakfasts at Country View in Greenland and Linda’s Breakfast Place in Seabrook. This morning was just one of those perfect mornings to head to Linda’s for a sumptuous breakfast. As I looked around the popular local hot spot, I noticed all the babies in the restaurant. I am excited at the prospect of sharing a family breakfast out with my son, but I noticed some babies are better behaved than others. It was interesting to observe how some babies appeared to be self sufficient and independent sitting in their high chair feeding themselves scrambled eggs and pancakes. Others seemed to be a handful, running around the restaurant with maple syrup dripping down their face. I wondered if these behaviors were a product of “nurture vs. nature”. Will we be able to teach our child restaurant manners or will he be a wild child? I guess only time will tell.

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