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    The other day I was talking to a grandmother who took her grandchildren on vacation. She implemented a no cell phone and no computer policy for two days during their time away from home. When she told her grandchildren this rule, they reacted by saying “now what do we do?” She said “play board games, go outside, walk around, talk to each other…” I found this amusing, but I do think it is serious. Since I too am attached to my technology, will I show my child that it is okay to start and end your day looking at a screen? Or be anti-social when you have family and friends right in front of you? Do I need to make personal changes? Do I need to limit my usage to make sure that he will have a childhood that I had, such as playing sports outside or just walking without looking at a cell phone? I know that technology has its pros and cons, but how can you minimize the negative impact that it has? By the way, the grandmother will implement a no technology policy for one week next year.

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