Daddy's Pride / Changing Diapers

  • Ticking Time Bomb

    My son is like a ticking time bomb. When I change his diaper I only have a certain amount of time before the buzzer of his cry goes off. I feel like I am disarming a bomb. What makes it more challenging are the clothes that he wears. All the buttons and snaps are so confusing and enough to drive you crazy. I rejoice every time he wears an outfit with a zipper. Diaper procedure: First, I carefully remove the toxic waste. Than I clean him, and apply the butt paste. Once in a while I have to dodge a shooting fountain. After, I need to maneuver his kicking legs into his outfit and figure out which snaps belong together…all before he realizes that he has been naked and cold. I’m getting better, but the buzzer seems to be getting faster. I guess his expectation is that I become quicker and move more stealthily every time, especially since it has been five weeks since his arrival. Hopefully, he will be more patient and I will be quicker.

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