Daddy's Pride / Chores

  • Can you help me....

    One day when our son is older my wife and I kind of expect him to be responsible and helpful, especially in the house. So, we have started to somewhat train him to help us with our chores, along with doing other stuff. And the way we go about this is by saying "Can you help me...". At the moment we find that this works better than simply ordering him around...for example, "Put away your...". So here's a short list of things we think that will help our son simply become a better person in the future. Can you help me .... ...put away the toys? (Even if it takes longer to do overall). ...put the clothes in the dryer? (Even if it's a few garments). ...fold the clothes? (Even if it's a bad folding job). the newspaper? (Even if its looking at pictures). ...make the bed? (Even if its just tossing the covers around). ...get your red cup? (Even if you have to show where it is). ...organize your shoes? (Even if you do 90% of the work). ...throw away the trash? (Even if you hold the bag, and he just walks with you). Give it a try, and let me know how it goes!

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  • Use Your Time Wisely

    Whenever my son and I are together my goal is to make the most out of our quality time. And for me that means I want to teach him something even if it is only for a few minutes. For example, the other day I showed him what groceries we recently purchased, I explained to him why we bought them, and where the items need to be stored in the kitchen. I could've easily just unpacked the groceries and not explain anything, however I would be missing a great opportunity to teach my son. So, I guess my point all future and current dads, be productive and use your time wisely. You can teach your child a bunch of stuff while doing everyday boring chores.

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