Daddy's Pride / Cold

  • Still Cold

    The cold weather has finally become depressing. We still have snow on the ground, and a nor'easter is on its way....which I find unbelievable. And the worst part about all of this is that I told my son two weeks ago that once spring comes we will get to play outside without wearing winter coats. Well, I have officially become a dad that does not know what he's talking about. :) Hopefully he will trust me when I tell him that the cold will end in the near future.

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  • Too Cold!

    This past weekend we just stayed indoors because it was freezing outside, and we didn't want the little man to catch a cold. So, here are a few things we did to entertain our son. 1. Watched Curious George, and some other PBS cartoon shows. 2. Played soccer 3. Wrestled 4. Tried to read to him 5. Played hide and seek Also, tried to increase his vocabulary. :)

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