Daddy's Pride / Compliments

  • Beautiful Boy

    Whenever I take my son out for a walk or for errands, he seems to attract admirers. I think that every parent thinks their child is cute, but I am surprised at the amount of compliments my son receives. He seems to enjoy the attention and gives his fans a smile. However, I run into one not so uncommon comment from people who say “what a beautiful girl”. I usually let them go on for a while and they comment on my son’s thick black hair and curls saying it is “hair to die for and could they borrow some”. Then, I quietly say, well we think HE is pretty cute too. His fans quickly correct themselves, and say, “oh what a beautiful boy, you can still be beautiful, even if you are a boy….you better watch out for the girls running after this one”. I find this amusing, but I am sure my son won’t be too pleased that people think he’s a girl as he gets older. Maybe we should start dressing him in more blue.

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