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    About ten days ago I had knee surgery. I had been postponing it for about four years, but I finally chose to go under the knife. I made this decision because I want to be next to my son while we play sports and participate in active things without having knee pain, and feeling like an old man. :) Prior to my surgery I thought about how will my son react to me being on crutches, and not having the ability to picking him up or playing with him. Perhaps I made a mistake, and should've had surgery when he was less mobile. I would have worried less about my son jumping on my gimpy knee. :) Well, since my surgery, my little boy decided he will temporarily be my little doctor. He actually tries to take care of me. He's only two, and I find it amazing that he knows that I am in no position to be active. When I ask for things, such as my crutches, he will get them for me, and many times he just brings them in advance :). Who knew how my son would react, and his ability to be compassionate. Again, he taught me something new.

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