Daddy's Pride / Diggers

  • Kids and Trucks

    Like many kids my son's age, he too loves cars, trucks, and trains...basically anything that moves. Whenever he sees these vehicles on the road he points them out....for example, "Look a digger!" Whenever we go shopping he tends to pick out clothes that showcase his love for big moving things. And of course when we go to the toy store he's looking for toys that have wheels. So, last weekend we attended a fundraiser event that allowed kids to sit in all types of vehicles. Whoever came up with this idea is brilliant. The little man sat in a fire truck, trolley, bulldozer, ambulance van, and recycling truck. This made my son's day, and I am sure this made everyone's day as well. Oh, and I also got to sit in a huge dump truck. :) So, if you have an opportunity to go to an event like this I would do it. Your child will be super excited.

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