Daddy's Pride / Eyes

  • Puppy Dog Eyes

    Our son seems to enjoy eating, and this has created a good-temporary problem. We have to tell our son that he cannot eat some of the foods that we eat on a regular basis such as chocolate, spicy food, coffee, and almonds. He sees us eating this stuff, and his puppy dog eyes beg for a taste. His little chubby hands grab food off of our plate, and we have to be quick to confiscate his treasure. This leads him to wave his hands in protest and smack his lips as if to say, “Feed me too”. We offer him the bottle of milk, but he quickly smacks that out our hands as if to say, “Don’t try to fool me with this boring drink”. My wife and I cannot wait to satisfy his cravings, but until then we will just have to find ways to distract him while we eat our food.

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  • It Worked

    I guess compulsion works!!! All you have to do is look directly into your child’s eyes, and say exactly what you want him or her to do. Our son slept 6 hours last night and fell asleep today at 10 pm. Wooohooo! Hope this lasts.?

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