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  • Chicken Fingers

    Last night I went to The Portsmouth Brewery in Portsmouth, NH. I really enjoy this place because they brew their own beer. While sitting there I stirred up a conversation with the person next to me at the bar. She actually happened to be a food critic at the Portsmouth Herald and Seacoast Media Group. We talked about a bunch of topics from travel to restaurants. Since she is a food critic I wanted to gain her perspective on chicken fingers. Why do kids only want chicken fingers when they go to a restaurant? Is it simply easier for parents to order chicken fingers? Have we trained kids to love this meal? Do kids not like to eat anything else? I mean, children that live outside of the United States are not eating chicken fingers all the time. Her view on this topic is that kids should try what the parents are eating, rather than eating off the children’s menu. At this moment I have to agree with her because I am a foodie, and want my kid to eat everything. What do you guys think of chicken fingers?

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