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    Now that we are new parents, we take precautions to make sure our son stays as healthy as possible. Both my wife and I got the flu shot and the DTAP vaccine in order to protect our son from unwanted infections. We insist that people wash their hands before picking our son up. Recently, we took our son to his two week visit with the pediatrician and as we waited, all I could think about was the amount of germs that all little kids carry. At one point, a little toddler came over to us, and was fascinated with our son. She kept on saying “baby, baby”, and tried to touch our son, even though her mother was yelling “don’t touch”. We were on the extreme cautious side and did our best to make sure the girl did not touch our son by moving his car seat. However, she was quick like a ninja. She pretended she was not going in for the kill, but before we knew it she had her hands on our son’s irresistible hair. I can see my wife was horrified. I guess next time we will just hold him to protect him from these curious admirers.

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