Daddy's Pride / Happy Birthday

  • Happy Birthday and Happy Halloween!

    I would have to say that celebrating the little man's 3rd birthday and halloween makes a great week. The little man loved it. And guess what....??....both my wife and I had a great time too! :) We all ate cake and candy, and dressed up as spiderman (son), a cat (mom), and a pumpkin (dad). As I mention here and there on my blog, having a child makes us feel like kids. This was just one of those weeks where you forget that my wife and I are actually adults. Happy birthday to my son! And happy Halloween to all!

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  • Happy 2nd Birthday!

    We celebrated the little man's 2nd birthday this past weekend, and honestly...I cannot believe we have been parents for 2 years already. Time sure is flying I better make sure to enjoy each moment. In regards to the festivities...well, we just kept it low, presents, and cake. What more does a 2 year old really need? Happy birthday my son, and I hope you enjoy your new toys.

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  • Happy 1st Birthday!!!

    Happy 1st Birthday to our wonderful son! You have made our lives so amazing. We wish you love, laughs, happiness, and endless adventures in your future. Love, Daddy & Mummy

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