Daddy's Pride / Ice Skating

  • Ice Skating Class

    We signed up our son for ice skating classes, and we couldn't believe how quickly he and all the other toddlers picked up the sport. The teachers just put them on the ice, and they all just started skating with confidence. In the beginning they did use the skating bar, but towards the end they were skating by themselves. It was truly amazing to see how easy it is for children to learn new things. I guess they weren't kidding when they say that children are like sponges.

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  • Ice Skating

    This past weekend our son went ice skating for the first time. :) I think we spent about 30 minutes on the ice, but it was well worth it. The little man experienced something new and fun. So, we will be going to the local rink often during the weekends this fall and winter. Oh...and hopefully my skills at ice skating will improve too. :)  

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