Daddy's Pride / Metabolism

  • Temptation

    I know that the older I get it becomes more difficult to eat whatever I want. My metabolism is simply not what it used to be. Therefore, I try to watch what I eat to be healthy. This transition from splurging everyday to once a week has been a difficult journey, but I am slowly in control. However, I have a strong feeling that my self-discipline will be challenged once the new guy comes. Imagine us going out for ice cream. He has the opportunity to eat 3 scoops of ice cream with hot fudge dripping all over the cone, while I eat my 1 scoop of non-fat ice cream in a kiddie cup. I will be so tempted to try his dessert, and finish it! How about when he wants to eat pizza, a creamy pasta dish, or chicken fingers. I don’t know if I can bear watching him eat such delicious food. This will be a tough personal battle. Maybe, he just might love eating salads.

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