Daddy's Pride / New England

  • Sledding

    With all the powdery snow blanketing New England, I am looking forward to winter outdoor activities with my son. We will start with me pulling him around in his sled.

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  • Earthquake

    Last night, we had an earthquake up here in New England. I wish I can say that I felt the house tremble or heard a loud noise, only because I have never experienced an earthquake, however I cannot. I completely missed the 5 seconds of action, but its probably for the best. After finding out about the natural occurrence, I thought to myself what was I doing at that time. I quickly realized that I was dealing with a man made son. I was trying to lure my son away from the kitchen, and prevent him from going through all the drawers and cabinets. I guess while he was banging away on all the kitchen stuff, we had a 4.9 earthquake. So, I think it's safe to say that our house experiences these tremors almost everyday.

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