Daddy's Pride / Outfits

  • No More Froggy

    My son is growing so fast that he is quickly going through all of his outfits. I have to learn how not to get attached to any of his outfits. I am especially fond of his froggy jumpsuit, which I shared with you all on the blog before he was born. But he will soon be too big too fit into this. It seems like just yesterday when I selected that outfit for him. My son is growing up so fast and I am trying to cherish each moment. The poor guy puts up with me snapping a ton of photos in order to capture his adorable looks forever. I am sure one day he will protest against me snapping photos.

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  • Fashion

    My wife chooses my son’s outfits. I have to say, she dresses him up pretty cute. He’s like a cuddly kola bear in his polar fleece jumpers. Many of his outfits seem to be decorated with cute animals, and attached animal feet. Some of his outfits are the color turquoise or what I call “Miamiesque” South Beach colors. I wonder at what age he will start to challenge his mother’s fashion sense, and color schemes. When will his sense of style start to emerge? I know our nieces started to be fashion divas at age 3. Will this apply to boys? Or do boys let their mothers dress them up and buy their clothes until they go to school? high school? college? I know if my wife had her way, she will be dressing him up until he’s in grad school. However, at some point she will just have to be satisfied with buying my clothes. She seems to understand what my sense of style is and buys according to my taste. I remember that my mother made me wear a bright red shirt for Christmas which still brings up horrific memories. I think I developed my sense of style in first grade. Looking back some of my fashion decisions were not so fabulous, but at least they were my choices. I know my style has changed frequently over the years, and I think I will encourage my son to be his own person, and wear what he wants to wear (within reason).

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