Daddy's Pride / Phrases

  • Bad Guy

    "Go away bad guy!" This is what the little man has been telling either my wife or I whenever we "bother" him. Luckily, my wife and I are a little thicker skinned so it does not bother us. We actually laugh about it. :) However, I am sure someone else's feelings will probably get hurt one day. Someone should really teach my son some manners. :) Or we can just beat up the culprit who taught the little man this phrase.

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  • Night Time Phrases

    I am way too tired to write a few sentences. So here are some phrases that come out of mommy and daddy’s mouth in the middle of the night when taking care of the baby. OMG! Again! I just fed you? Please go to bed. What time is it? Why are you crying? On the outfit? What was that noise? What’s that look? Don’t tell me? Can you check on him? He’s fine. Need more diapers.

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