Daddy's Pride / Rhode Island School of Design

  • Time To Let Go

    A long time ago, we bought our son a hooded zip up sweatshirt from my college alma mater, the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). The design is very simple. It just has the school's name and logo. Whenever my son wears this hoodie, I get really excited. And sometimes I purposely will match my son by wearing the adult version of his sweatshirt. So, about 4-5 months ago, his hoodie fit perfectly. It was not too big and not too small. It had enough breathing room, and in regards to function, it was nice and warm. Also, it was never a challenge when we put the sweatshirt on him. His arms would easily slip into the sleeves, and the length of the sleeves perfectly matched the length of his arms. Nowadays, our son is way too big for this particular sweatshirt. We can't zip up the hoodie, and his stomach kind of bulges out. However, I still try to make him wear it. I kind of make sure he fits into it, and I tell my wife it's meant to be form fitting. :) I know it's time to let go, but I really do enjoy seeing him in my school colors. It will be a sad day when he really can't wear the RISD hoodie.

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  • College Reunion

    Attended my 10 year college reunion. It was nice to see some old college friends. My wife got to explore her old college stomping grounds too. We picked up a few things for our son.

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