Daddy's Pride / Sand

  • Fearless

    A couple of weekends ago we took our son to the beach, and we learned that our son is truly not afraid of the water. We sat him down on the sand thinking he would just sit and play with his toys, but we were pleasantly surprised that he would rather go into the ocean. He just ignored all the stuff we brought, and crawled towards the water. This little guy had no fear. If it weren't for us picking him up right before the waves splashed our son would be pretending to swim. So, my wife and I talked about this fun experience, and we came to the conclusion that our son will fearlessly play water sports or be a beach bum.

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  • Beach Day

    We took our son to the beach and it was well worth it. He smiled the whole time. Everything he saw was new, and he had a new experience. He touched the sand, saw the ocean, and felt the strong wind blowing into his face and hair. All these things may sound trivial, but to a little child (and myself) its wonderful. Also, taking him was a great experience for us too. We walked around and simply relaxed.

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  • Things to Do

    Once Wednesday comes around, I begin thinking about all the stuff I have to accomplish before the weekend, and what to do during the weekend. I know that many of us have to juggle our weekends by doing some extra work and running errands, but we always hope to get some downtime/fun time. Now that our son is little bit older (plus the weather is finally warming up), my goal is to dedicate Wednesday’s blog about things I hope to do with my son. I hope it will help me plan better, get outside, and make sure my son has fun during the weekend. Perhaps it might even inspire you. So, this weekend I plan to take my son to the beach. Our son has yet to touch the sand on the beach, so I think he will find it interesting. He will get to roll around in it, and maybe we can build something. Hopefully, he does not want to eat the sand. Let’s see how it goes.

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