Daddy's Pride / Smart Phone

  • Smart Phone as Baby Monitor

    I found another use for my smart phone. I used it as an interactive baby monitor. I placed my wife’s phone in his crib, and kept my phone with us. We were able to watch our son while being in another room. He entertained himself by watching his mobile and cooing. When we heard him whimper, we talked to him via face time. However, he eventually realized that we were not really in the room with him. What a smart little guy. We could not pull a fast one on him.

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  • Words With Friends

    Last week I started dumping all my “words with friends” competitors. I love this game, but it has become a distraction. It is taking time away from hanging out and talking to my kid. I have a strong feeling that my son will benefit from this decision. He does not need a daddy that plays with his smart phone over him.

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